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(LOOT) Gokano : send prizes any where in world.

Hello Friends, Gokano is The Best Site For Earning PayPal And Free Gifts All Over The World.Gokano is the website in which we get free prizes and get the money In the dollars and it is the simple thing to use it and earn the money. The website is very simple in design made to make ease of user interface. It provides daily login points in which we have to collect the points and redeem it for our prizes on the restock day. 

There are two types of points which are
1.GN Points : it can be collected by daily points and missions such as choosing the correct answer you like. And they give 1Gn for daily login and 1GN for missions and there are different missions and these points can be redeemed on the restock date provided by the Gokano.

2.VP points: these points can be acquired by making tasks such as watching videos and downloading the applications and registering in their websites and we get these VP points, which can be redeemed any time, if you have sufficient points and the prizes are rea…

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