Top 20 Uses Of Google

Hello Friends Google Is The Best Search Engine To Your Queries. Google is the home of secrets, in this post, Am Going To Tell You some Google search tricks for you. Google is much more than the search engine. Google helps you find out the best results on the web. You find lots of things in Top Google searches. Google is the Best For The Beginners Of the Internet. You Need Any Help Simply Type You Query In the Search Box and Within Fraction Of Seconds Thousands Of results Will Be Displayed Relevant To Your Content Searched. It is Ocean Of Knowledge.

How Google Helpful In Your Search:

1.Google Helps You In Suggesting Right Keywords:
When You Type Something In The Search Box It Displays The Relevant Or Exact matter Your Going to Search In it. It Also Rectifies Your Spelling Mistake.

2.Compare Anything:
You Can Compare Anything Such As food,Hotels, products,Services.
Example: Freecharge Vs Paytm

3.Use google As A Timer:
You Can Select The Minutes Or Seconds , Just Simply Type Set Timer To 30Seconds And it will Display Timer For 30 Seconds(With respect To your Internet Speed it may Delay.)

4.Convert Anything:
You Can Convert Currency, Distance ,Mass,Weight, Height "Time"And Other Measurements you Needed.

5.Find Famous People And Details:
You Can Get Any Famous Person Details Such As Name, Age ,Sex , Martial Status, Where He Works, Date Of Birth, Achievements.Etc.,

6.Search Movie Timings And Locations:
You Can Search Movie Timings And Locations of The Theater. You Can Also Find Movie Release Date

7.Download Files:
You Can Search The Different Format Files Such as PDF, XML , Word, PPT And Other Formats and Download It Directly.

8.Google Translator:
Translate Anything in your preferred language. You Can Use This To Learn Other languages. The Search You Make Will Show relevant Meaning And The Exact Will Be Some What Different. They Are Still Updating The Exact Keywords. But It Is Still Best Translator For Me.

9.Google Calculator:
Google Search Has A Built In Calculator, You Just Type "Calc" In Search Box.

10: Weather Forecast:
You Can Get Latest Updates of Weather Forecast.

11.Find Route and Distance Between Source and Destination:
Just Type Two Places and Find Distance between them, and Route and travelling Time and Various Means of Transport Available.

12.Make Decisions Using Google Coin:
You Are In Dilemma Of deciding Something And You Just use Google To Solve The Problem, Simple Type Flip A Coin In the Search Box and it Shows The Result and You Should Decide What To Be Done.

13.Roll A Dice:
Search Roll A Dice in The Google.

14.Find Your IP Address:
You Can Search Your IP Address In Google.

15.Play Games:
You Can Play Games Like Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe.

16.Learn Sounds:
Just Type what sound does a Dog make in Search Box In Google and get The Results.

17.Find Animated Images:
You Can Get Animated Images In the Google.

18.Find Pincode And Important Phone Numbers:
Simply Type your pincode in The Google and get The Results. It Helps You Find Important Phone Numbers Such as Police , Hospitals , Fire Etc.,

19.Find Exact Time Of The World:
You Can See The World Time In Google. You Can Find Exact Time Of Your Country With Seconds.

20.Find Weather Conditions Using Pincode:
You Can Type Your Pincode and weather To Find The exact Weather. It Gives results as Precipitation , Humidity , Wind Speed.
Example: 500016 weather

This Is Still Incomplete And Suggest Your Ways Of Using Google And We Will Update It.


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