(Over)Sandisk-Win 504GB Daily with Festival Bonanza

Hello Friends, Sandisk Is The Company Which Manufatures The Parts Of Electronic accessories like Pendrive, Memory Card Etc,. Sandisk Is Excited To Bring You The Biggest Festival Offering For The Year. Where You Have A Golden Opportunity To Participate In Festival Bonanza 504GB And Win Sandisk Hamper Worth 22960 Worth Daily.

Contest Valid Till 31st January 2017

How To Buy Sandisk product:

  1. Visit Sandisk.in
  2. Buy Any Product Of 32GB Or Above Accessories With Sticker On It.
  3. After Getting The Product
  4. Scratch The Coupon On The Product

How To Participate In  Sandisk Festival Bonanza:
  1. Visit Offer Page
  2. Now Enter The Coupon Code In The Box
  3. Enter Your Mail, Mobile , City,Location.
  4. Write How Does Sandisk Elevate Your Mobile Life Style.
  5. Agree Terms And Conditions
  6. Click On Submit.
  7. For Accurate Information Check Below Image


Terms And Conditions Of Offer:
    • To enter Participants must purchase any SanDisk product of 32GB and above capacity as listed in Annexure ‘A’ below (“Eligible Products”).
    • Participant must scratch the sticker on the product packaging to obtain the unique code.
    • Participant has to visit www.win504gb.com, enter the promo code, register on the website and submit the completed slogan to participate in the contest.
    • Any attempt to gain participation to the Promotion on www.win504gb.com without satisfying the requirements mentioned above, will be deemed to be invalid.
    • Each unique code can be accessed by scratching the sticker on the product packaging of any Eligible Products.
    • Each unique code can be used only once and will be accepted against the details of the participant entered on the website www.win504gb.com .
    • Participants must enter valid details at the time of registering on the website.
    • All slogans entered as part of the Promotion must be original.
    • Slogans entered must be in accordance with Above Rules and must only be in text containing not more than ten words.
    • Slogans entered shall not contain material that violates law or otherwise infringes any third party’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity, intellectual property rights, or any third party proprietary rights
    • Slogans cannot refer to any brand names other than those of Sponsor and cannot be confusingly similar to any third party product names, brand names, or trademarks.
    • Slogans cannot contain material that is inappropriate, obscene, indecent, tortuous, offensive, violent, hateful, or defamatory, or that disparages Sponsor or contains any other content otherwise prohibited by or contrary to the laws of India.
    • By submitting an Entry in accordance with Section 3 above and this Section 4, you hereby grant to Sponsor a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free and irrevocable license to display and reproduce your Entry on any Sponsor platform published by the Sponsor in connection with this Promotion. Sponsor, at its sole discretion, may include credit attribution using your username in connection with the display or reproduction of your Entry and you agree that you waive all rights to review or approve the credit attribution format prior to publication. To the extent permitted by law, you hereby expressly waive your moral rights in relation to your Entry in favor of Sponsor. You further agree that you will not be entitled to any compensation or money in connection with the display or reproduction of your Entry by Sponsor. Your Entry may be stored on such platform published by the Sponsor after the close of the Promotion Period and you agree that Sponsor is under no obligation to remove your Entry from the same.
    • Slogans that are determined by the Sponsor or the Administrator in its sole discretion at any time during the Promotion to violate the Entry Requirements or these Official Rules, or to otherwise be unsuitable, offensive or in poor taste, may be rejected and the accompanying entrant disqualified.
    • Sponsor or Administrator would not be responsible for any damage caused by any means to the sticker on the product package or the scratch code on the sticker making the scratch code illegible for the purpose of entering the contest.
    • Each scratch code can be used only once for submitting an entry for the contest.
    • Submission with invalid scratch code will not be considered for contest.
    • Entries by participants who purchase any Eligible Product before 1st of September, 2016 and otherwise meet the contest entry requirements will be considered along with the contest entries received on 1st of September, 2016.
    • All participants can submit a maximum of one (1) completed entry during the entire Promotion Period.
    • Any attempt by a person to use multiple names or email addresses to enter the Promotion in violation of the said maximum Entry limitation will result in immediate disqualification of such person and will void all Entries submitted.
    • In the event of a dispute as to the identity or eligibility of a potential winner, the decision of the Administrator and the Sponsor would be deemed to be final.
    • Any attempted entry by means except as permitted in these Official Rules is prohibited and will void all submitted entries by that entrant.
    • Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any entrant that tampers with the entry process.
    • The Consumer Promotion would close at midnight on 31st of January, 2017 (Tuesday) and no entries would be accepted post this date.
  • PRIZE:
    • During the Promotion Period, one (1) entry would be selected daily as the Daily Winning Entry (“Winner”) from the list of entries received on that particular day.
    • The Winner will receive the SanDisk Gift Hamper comprising of a total capacity of 504 GB (“Prize”) comprising the following:
      a) One (1) SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick – 128GB
      b) One (1) SanDisk Ultra® Dual USB Drive 3.0 – 128GB
      c) One (1) SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ memory card – 128GB
      d) One (1) SanDisk Extreme® 500 Portable SSD – 120GB
    • Gift hamper value is INR 22,960/-, the calculation based on product MRP prevailing as on 1st of August, 2016.
    • Prizes are not redeemable for cash and may not be transferred or substituted except that Sponsor may substitute a prize, or portion thereof, with a prize of equal value. All and/or any control, insurance, registration & delivery charges, government taxes on prizes (as applicable), shall be borne exclusively by each winner and all deductions (such as TDS), wherever applicable, shall be made by the Administrator in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.
    • All prizes are provided “as is” with no warranty or guarantee either express or implied by Sponsor. Merchandise prizes carry no warranty other than that offered by manufacturer. Neither the Sponsor nor the Administrator has made nor is responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to any prize, including but not limited to its quality, mechanical condition or fitness for particular purpose.
    • Sponsor along with Administrator will select one (1) winning entry per day during the Promotional Period as the Winner.
    • The decision of the Sponsor and the Administrator shall be final and binding and no correspondence or communication shall be entertained in this regard.
    • The winner will be selected based on following criteria and corresponding weight,
      a) RELEVANCE TO THE Elevate Your Mobile Lifestyle THEME - 30%
      b) CREATIVITY - 30%
      c) ORIGINALITY - 30%
    • Administrator will contact the Daily Winner via SMS or via a phone call to the mobile number associated with the Entry. Winner details will also be available on www.win504gb.com and will be published on SanDisk India Facebook page on a weekly basis.
    • The Administrator will not be liable in the event that such message does not reach such potential winner on any account whatsoever. Further, any complaints/grievance/claims, whether legal or commercial with regard to the said SMS message or phone call shall not be entertained by the Sponsor or the Administrator.
    • In the event that any potential winner (i) cannot be contacted directly by Sponsor within 72 hours from initial attempted phone call or SMS or email; (ii) declines to accept the Prize; or (iii) is otherwise determined to be ineligible, the Sponsor in its sole discretion may disqualify that individual and notify the participant whose slogan entries have been judged as the next best. Alternate winners are subject to all eligibility requirements and restrictions of these Official Rules


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